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ATV Blue Book Question

Blue book value on 1982 Honda 250R three wheeler


The 250R manufactured by Honda in 1982 is a true classic three wheeler. The model was manufactured between 1981 and 1984, so it was the second year made.

Investigating a blue book value for older models can be a challenge. In this case we were able to locate a used value from NADA, but not with Kelley Blue Book. When we researched values we had to used navigation involving vintage motorcycles because of the old age of the ATV. Here are instructions on how to view a blue book value on a 1982 Honda 250R three wheeler.

Note, the model is referred to as ATC250R by NADA.

NADA Guides
  1. Go to []
  2. Select the link for [Motorcycles] at []
  3. Select the link for [ATVs]
  4. Select the link for the manufacturer [Honda]
  5. Select the pull down menu for the year [1982]
  6. Select the link for the model and trim [ATC250R]
  7. Select the check boxes based on options
  8. View values (Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor)
Quoted Values
Excellent $680
Very Good $515
Good $280
Fair $160
Poor N/A
The condition of the three wheeler will determine how much it's value is. With it being over 30 years old, the most you might expect for this three wheeler in excellent condition is $680. If it is not working then it must be repaired to working condition to meet the definition of a fair value at $160. Otherwise, the parts and pieces sold individually are the sum of it's blue book value.

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