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Cash Advance Agreement
If you have an employee that is in need of a cash advance you can have them fill out this Employee Cash Advance Agreement Form. The employee is responsible for all the proper documentation that is listed on the form and if everything is not properly documented the employee may be personally responsible for the cash advance.

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Cash Advance Agreement TemplateForm 1303
Format: Word PDF
Category: Business, Payroll
Type: Agreement

Employee Cash Advance Agreement

Employee Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________________ State: ______________ Zip Code: ____________________

Department: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Cash Advance Date Required: ___/___/_____ (This agreement must be received by the Business Office at least two weeks prior to the requested date.) Form of Payment: ___ Cash ___ Check / Direct Deposit

Reason For The Cash Advance

Cash Advance Amount

This cash advance must be signed by your Budget Manager and the individual that is receiving the cash advance must read and sign the Cash Advance Statement of Agreement found below prior to the processing of this Employee Cash Advance Agreement.

Budget Manager Name: __________________________________________________________________________

Budget Manager Signature: _____________________________________________________Date: ___/___/_____

Cash Advance Statement of Agreement: I hereby acknowledge that this advance is to be used for business purposes as I have outlined above. I am personally liable for any and all payments that are made with the cash advanced funds that are not directly related to business activities.

I understand that within 20 business days of my business activity completion date, I am responsible for returning any excess funds and that I must submit all documentation and or receipts on a reimbursement form or a payment request form to properly account for the use of these funds that were issued to me. If I fail to return the cash advance or properly account for the use of the cash advance funds within twenty business days and the reason is due to my negligence the business may exercise one of the following options:

1. I may be held personally responsible for the repayment and all costs that have been incurred by the business to collect the cash advanced funds.

2. The taxable benefit may be imposed on me to the full amount of the cash advanced funds.

Employee Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Employee Signature: __________________________________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____