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Background Checklist
All employees that go through the interview and application process will need to also complete a employee background check. With this checklist you can verify that each step is completed in the employee background check. We cannot afford for any step to be missed in this important background check.

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Employee Background Checklist

The following is a list of all the required documentation that needs to be submitted as part of the Company Certification Process. Please be aware that incomplete packages will delay the hiring process.

Required Documentation:

1. ___ Completed Employee Application.

2. ___ Employee Supplemental Background Information Form.

3. ___ Background Investigation Report.

4. ___ Original Fingerprint Cards.

5. ___ Signed and dated Authorization to Release Information.

6. ___ Copy of Driver’s License or ID Card.

Additional Documentation if it is available:

1. ___ Copy of the job applicant’s current tax return.

2. ___ If the applicant was born outside of the United States…proof of US employment eligibility.

Please notify the applicant that additional background information may be required in the near future.