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Finders Fee Agreement
This template for a finders fee agreement allows a company to create an arrangement where an individual is provided a payout based on achieving results outlined. This sample agreement may be refined based on the needs of your business and sales process to achieve maximum results.

Free Sample Template
Format: Word PDF
# of Pages: 2
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Finders Fee Agreement TemplateForm 2128
Format: Word PDF
Category: Business, Promotion
Type: Agreement

Finders Fee Agreement

Effective Date: ___/___/_____

Finder’s Fee Agreement between:


Company Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________ State: __________ Zip Code: __________________________



Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________ State: __________ Zip Code: __________________________

The fore listed Company and Finder hereby agree that the Finder will act as an authorized Finder for the listed Company as stated below in this Finders Fee Agreement:

The Finder hereby agrees to use their best effort to find and introduce to the Company a person or persons, firm and or business from who the Company may conduct business with.

Upon completion of any transaction as stated above and in consideration for their efforts, the Finder will receive the following payout structure as a “Finder’s Fee”:

The Finder’s Fee will be due and payable at the time an Agreement between the Company and any person or firm is executed that the Finder made the initial introduction. I understand that the Company shall be under no obligation to accept an investment from any person or persons, or firm or company that may be introduced to the Company by the Finder.

The Finder understands and hereby agrees that they will only provide contact information that is between parties and that the Finder will not discuss the merits of a transaction and will not discuss the specifics of any transaction nor make any deliveries of any legal papers between the parties that are involved.

In witness of the above stated Finders Fee Agreement the Finder and Company do hereby execute this Agreement as of the stated Effective Date written above.

Finder’s Signature: ____________________________________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____

Print Finder’s Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

Title: _________________________________________

Company Founder’s Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____

Print Founder’s Name: ___________________________________________________________________________

Title: _________________________________________

State of: __________________________

County of: ________________________

The foregoing document was acknowledged before me this _________________ day of ______________________

20_____, at _____________________________________ in the State of: _________________________________

By: __________________________________________________________________________________________

To be his or her free act of deed.

Signature of Notary Public: _______________________________________________________________________

My commission expires: ___/___/_____