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Retention Bonus Agreement
When it is time to hand out a bonus for retention you must fill out the Retention Bonus Agreement and have your employee sign it before they will receive their retention bonus. The executive team hopes that by issuing retention bonuses our company will be able to retain our top performing employees from leaving to the industry competition.

Free Sample Template
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Retention Bonus Agreement TemplateForm 1396
Format: Word PDF
Category: Business, Payroll
Type: Agreement
Sample Retention Bonus Agreement

Date: ___/___/_____

Employee’s Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________________ State: _________ Zip Code: _____________________

Retention Bonus:

This Retention Bonus Agreement hereby establishes the terms and conditions of your continued employment with:

Company Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________________ State: _________ Zip Code: _____________________

The term of this Bonus Retention Agreement will be for two years from the signed date of this agreement, unless it is terminated before that date.

You will be employed with the following title:


Devoting your best professional efforts, time and skill to the performance of the duties that you

originally undertook with your current job description. You will continue to report to your current supervisor.

Supervisor’s Name: _____________________________________________________________________________

Your annual base salary will remain at $____________________ and you will continue to be paid on the regular pay period schedule.

You will be eligible for a retention bonus of up to $____________________ that will be subject to the following terms and conditions.

One half of the amount will be paid to you only if you are still employed by the above listed company on the first anniversary of your employment. The second half of your retention bonus will be paid to you only if you are still employed by the above listed company on your second year anniversary. Both sums will be paid to you on the next business cycle following your anniversary dates.

Employee Signature: __________________________________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____