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Vacate Notice
When renting property to tenants you can use this sample of a vacate notice form for the tenant to notify you when they will no longer be renting from you. By having them fill this document out they are providing verifiable evidence to you that they will no longer be your tenant.

Free Sample Template
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Vacate Notice TemplateForm 1054
Format: Word PDF
Category: Occupation, Landlord
Type: Notice
Vacate Notice

To:__________________________________________________________Owner / Agent

You are hereby given notice that ___________________________________________________ _ a resident

at: Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Intends to terminate the tenancy and to move from the above listed premises. As of ___/___/_____

It is understood to the following agreed to terms:

1. That a thirty day notice of Intent to Vacate is required for month to month and fixed term tenancies. 2. Residents with a fixed term Lease Agreement a thirty day notice of Intent to Vacate does not relinquish the resident from any obligation of the lease. This includes all payments until the end of the lease term. 3. The residentís possession of the apartment remains in effect until all belongings are removed and all keys returned. 4. Rent is due and payable up to and including the final date of possession or thirty days after the service of this notice is given to the Manager. 5. The resident cannot use the security deposit as last monthís rent. Rent is payable through the termination of tenancy.

The residentís reason for terminating the Lease Agreement is as follows:





Forwarding Address:_____________________________________________________________________________

New Phone Number: ____________________________________________________________________________

Resident Signature: ____________________________________________________________Date: ___/___/_____